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We help consulting firm's leaders to sell more data-driven strategy consulting revenue and develop technology annuity to increase your firm's value within 90 days.

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Next generation strategy management

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StrategyWorks is a unique strategy management solution which helps large, complex organisations to create a single view of their strategy.

It was developed by us at Shapecast Strategy Consulting after a decade or more of leading strategic change and transformation programmes with large multinational clients.

We now offer StrategyWorks solution and our unique, proven strategy execution methodology to consulting partners so that you can sell more data-driven strategic change and create a technology annuity in your firm.

Drivers of consulting value

StrategyWorks creates five streams of consulting value for your firm

Increased strategic consulting sales

Through our methodology consulting firms can generate new high margin, high value, data-driven strategic services. We also work with you to create unique services.

Repeat technology commission

When StrategyWorks is used by your clients, you will receive a commission. The more you sell, the larger the commission. 

Upskill your team in strategy

As a specialist consulting company, we work with your services teams to train your team in how to deliver strategy execution methods. This means more time focussing on high value consulting services.

Annuity and valuation increase

Perhaps the most powerful benefit is we provide your firm with a technology-driven annuity through ongoing sales. This means consulting firms achieve higher valuation and higher sales multiples.

Unique consulting accelerators

We work with you to embed your create intellectual property accelerators in to StrategyWorks so you can deliver faster, higher value outcomes to your clients at greater scale. 

StrategyWorks Guarantee

Our ridiculous golden guarantee

We're so confident in the benefits to qualifying partners, that we guarantee that if you follow
our process and method, you will drive more strategic revenue in your consulting firm
within 90 days or we will work with you 1:1 until you do, at no cost.

It's really that simple!

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Built by consulting for consulting

StrategyWorks was developed by Shapecast, a London-based specialist transformation and change consulting firm to help us drive strategic consulting with our clients. StrategyWorks supports the consulting process and can be left with clients to enable them to have ongoing success. 

We understand consulting and know how to give you the support you need to be successful.

We're so passionate about consulting firms, we will help you to develop new unique, high value services using our platform.

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Eliminating your risk

We understand developing new services and ramping up data-driven tools can be time consuming.
As part of our onboarding methodology, we have taken the delivery risk away by offering three models.

We propose starting with the Done for you model rapidly moving to DIY when your team are ready.

There is no partner outlay or expenditure required throughout.

Done for you

We lead and guide the set up, technical integration and implementation with your team to learn our methodology and approach

Done with you

Your team lead and we support implementation throughout, particularly in technical areas such as integration.


Your team lead and run the whole engagement with our support only when needed and requested

What's the catch?

Our commitment and passion to make this work are so high, it is understandable to wonder what's in it for us?

The answer is scale. By working with trusted, vetted strategic consulting partners, we get access to a larger pool of target clients where delivery is provided by partners. This enables us to focus on
delivering unbeatable technology solutions rather than service delivery.

This believe this model is truly, win-win-win for all parties.

Consulting partners get access to uniquely powerful strategy execution solution and a wrapped up
methodology with the ability to embed accelerator IP and deliver consulting value.

Clients get access to world class strategic consulting with the most powerful strategy execution software available.

We get access to a wider pool of clients supported by accredited partners to give us scale.

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  • Our StrategyWorks success guarantee