Ramp up your Covid-19 agile strategy

StrategyWorks, the world's leading issue management and agile strategy execution platform designed to help executive teams and delivery leads create and execute a winning Covid-19 strategy

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Manage your Covid-19 action plan through a single, agile online platform

Monitor your progress and outcomes with live dynamic reports and analytics

Manage the impact on your 2020 objectives and create new execution plans

The challenges of Covid-19

The challenge of uncertainty

  • How can we manage the rapidly changing situation?
  • When will things get back to normal?
  • How can we remain agile?

People challenges

  • How can we manage distributed teams well and fewer resources?
  • How do we keep our staff safe and well?
  • How do we hire effectively in this uncertain period?

Finance challenges

  • Will clients cut back on planned spend?
  • What is the impact of volatility in markets (e.g. foreign exchange, oil, etc)
  • What will the impact on cash flow be?

The StrategyWorks Solution

StrategyWorks is the industry-leading strategy execution platform. It is designed to help organisations respond quickly to changing environments, model new ways of executing strategy and manage delivery in a single place.

It helps executive and delivery leads focus and coordinate distributed teams and keep everyone aligned on the short term Covid-19 agile strategy, management plan and the longer term 2020 objectives. 




How do I develop a Covid-19 plan and coordinate effectively across a highly distributed team?


StrategyWorks captures & tracks major issues and includes action plans to be managed and assigned to team members whereever they are


How can I analyse and focus on what's really important now for the rest of this year?


StrategyWorks enables rich analysis of what projects are adding value and how enabling you to prioritise effectively and focus your resources on whats really important


How can I stay agile as the CovId-19 situation changes?


StrategyWorks allows you to quickly model, update and assign projects and programmes and align them to your strategy to you can stay agile and on top of everything


How can I focus my team on what really matters?


StrategyWorks takes the heavy lifting of reporting and analysing your delivery so that your staff can focus on doing more with less and executing what is important.

We offer both the set up support, planning assistance and the industry-leading platform to keep the whole organisation on track and ahead of the game. 

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StrategyWorks Covid-19 specific features

A single platform to track and manage Covid-19 management plan and wider objectives

Capture risks, issues and decisions and model new paths to achieve your goals

Synchronise communications and planning across home-working or distributed teams

Collaborate on plans in real time to stay in sync as the situation changes

Integrate with external systems for live updates & accurate data

Responsive real-time analytics, charts  & reports enable quick, accurate decision-making when you need it

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Agile Strategy Customer
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