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October Webinar : How to link your portfolio to your objectives

18th November 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm UTC

How to link your portfolio to your strategy webinar

Who is this webinar for?
The webinar is for anyone who has an interest in ensuring projects and programs in their organisation are focussed on driving against revenue objectives.

What will you learn?
How to successfully link and align projects to business objectives with a focus on driving revenue.

It all seems so simple, a business sets objectives and puts in place a program of transformational work to meet those objectives. But all too quickly, the link can get broken and objectives evolve while projects continue along their original path. As a result the focus on objectives fades and performance wanes.
How do you keep things on track and make sure projects stay aligned to objectives and that focus performance can be maintained, even in highly complex organisations?

Key challenges addressed

    Creating and maintaining alignment between your project portfolio and objectives
    Creating a single view of the your strategy and portfolio
    Managing and tracking cross functional dependencies
    Tracking and managing accountability and ownership

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