Integrate StrategyWorks with over 6000 applications to give you a single, live, fully integrated real-time view of your strategy all in one place.

StrategyWorks is the strategy management solution that can integrate delivery data from many systems and many teams in to a single location, showing you what's working and where to accelerate your strategy. 

To do this, StrategyWorks integrates with 6000+ of your favourite applications.

This enables teams to continue to use their favourite existing tools. StrategyWorks integrates all information together and links it to your strategy.

Integrate agile and waterfall teams

StrategyWorks enables you to seamlessly integrate agile team progress alongside traditional waterfall and link all outcomes to strategic objectives in real time. 

This makes it easy to understand how digital teams and traditional teams can create a single, shared, plan. This is great for product launches, go to market planning and all areas of the business that require teams working in different ways on different systems to come together in one view, linked to strategic initiatives. 

integration with Jira
integration with Microsoft Project
integration with everything through our professional services team

Full integration professional services support

If you have complex integration or set up requirements, our highly experienced integration support services team can help you to plan, design and implement any complex integration requirements. 

Additionally, find support from some of our global consulting and integration partners.

To discuss any integration or support requirements, contact our sales team.

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