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Succeed with the 5 major transformation challenges

We help Transformation teams to create a single view of all transformation initiatives linked to business and transformation objectives.  This creates  transparency, improves the ability to see what is working and improves outcomes. 

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A single view of the transformation programme

No matter how large or complex, StrategyWorks enables you to create a single, live view of all transformation activity linked to business and digital objectives. Live update pages, reports and analytics give the position of all execution and progress towards objectives, making it faster and easier to understand the latest status and drill in to areas that are blocked. 

Align agile product and waterfall project teams

Align delivery across agile product and traditional waterfall teams in to a single view through integrations Jira, Microsoft Project, Azure Dev Ops and 300+ other applications and services.

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Create agility and focus

StrategyWorks allows you to model, update and change your strategy execution planning in real-time, creating ultimate agility as your plans or environment change. StrategyWorks gives all teams the ability to see the big picture and their role in delivery so they can really understand their role and contribution. 

Agile Transformation in Focus

Manage ownership and accountability

During complex transformations, understanding who is doing what is critically important. StrategyWorks tracks accountability and ownership of all aspects of delivery, planning and associated risks, issues and decisions to provide total clarity at all stages of delivery.

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Track cross transformation dependencies

Transformation dependencies can be a major cause of complexity and delay. StrategyWorks manages dependencies across the Transformation and to other departments or initiatives, so you can always be on top of any potential blockers and understand the impact of dependency delays on your timeline and benefits. 

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