StrategyWorks is the leading strategy execution analytics platform which helps mid and large-sized organisations to achieve their objectives faster and more effectively.

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Link your objectives to your activities for a cohesive strategy

Track your progress and outcomes with live dynamic reports and analytics

Manage accountability and create detailed role based dashboards

£1m is Wasted Every 20 Seconds Worldwide on Poor Strategy Execution

The costs associated with the strategy implementation gap are enormous, and aren’t measured solely in financial terms. Research shows that every 20 seconds, £1m is wasted globally due to the poor implementation of strategy, which amounts to almost £5bn wasted every day, or £2trn a year – approximately the same size as Brazil’s GDP

- Project Management Institute report

What is StrategyWorks?

StrategyWorks is the industry-leading strategy execution platform. It is designed to help business leaders, consultants and delivery leads and supporting teams to have a single, live view of the organisation's objectives and all contributing delivery activities. It links what the organisation is aiming to achieve to how it is doing it, ensuring that the organisation is focused on the right things to do. 

StrategyWorks tracks both the live execution of programmes and projects alongside the benefits or outcomes of projects. It ensures both the objectives, measures of performance and the delivery are fully aligned throughout the organisation.

StrategyWorks is the strategic eyes and brain of the organisation, continually monitoring and tracking that the organisation is performing effectively.

 It enables the whole organisation to focus on the execution activities that are strategically important through a single, live online platform.

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Why do so many strategies fail to execute?

Strategy execution challenge

Why StrategyWorks?

Failure to coordinate

Failure to coordinate between departments, teams, partners and employees slows down delivery and decision making

Stay in-sync

Your organisation stays fully in-sync on the strategy with live collaboration on all areas of execution, speeding up progress and decision making

Lack of agility

Lack of agility caused by weak change processes or ways to respond to new risks or unexpected major events

Develop an agile strategy

StrategyWorks keeps your strategy agile by enabling you to rapidly model and analyse new execution paths in response to major events or changes in circumstance

Poorly understood strategy

The strategy is not understood by shareholders, managers, key partners, staff or any stakeholders involved in execution

Improved communication and alignment

StrategyWorks links the delivery portfolio to objectives and creates easy to understand views for all stakeholders showing them their role in the outcomes

Loss of strategic focus

The strategy gets left behind as team members lose track of objectives or as the day job takes over

Stay coordinated

StrategyWorks keeps the day to day activities focussed on the big picture so employees understand why theyre doing what theyre doing and the bigger picture

Executives lose focus once the strategy is set

Even executives can lose focus on the strategic objectives once the plan is action and the environment changes

Keeping all levels on track with the important

StrategyWorks monitors the important outcomes and how they're being achieved so everyone can stay aligned, focused and engaged

Let StrategyWorks drive your strategic journey

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Key features

Capture & track Key Performance Indicators across your portfolio

Map KPIs to delivery benefits for perfect strategic alignment

Track delivery and performance accountability across the all stakeholders

Real-time collaboration to accelerate progress and improve decision making

Integrate with external systems for live updates & accurate data

Responsive real-time analytics, charts  & reports give the right information when you need it

Selected Customers

Jaguar Landrover
John Lewis
City & Guilds
British Medical Association

Find out what makes StrategyWorks different

Find out what makes StrategyWorks different and how it enables you to achieve your objectives faster and more effectively.

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