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StrategyWorks Blue Cross Case Study
1st February 2023Case Studies, Strategy

Blue Cross Case Study

Blue Cross is a UK-based pet charity founded in 1897. StrategyWorks helped Deputy CEO Iain Heaton and his team to create a single view of his strategy at the touch of a button and drive strategy maturity up across the charity....

What is PESTLE analysis
22nd February 2023Strategy

What is PESTLE analysis?

Looking to conduct a PESTLE analysis for your business? Look no further! Our comprehensive article provides you with valuable insights on how to conduct a PESTLE analysis and its importance. With our expert guidance, you'll be able to...

5th September 2022Downloads

Winning Strategy Execution Blueprint

Through this Winning Strategy Execution Blueprint eBook, you will learn how to set clear objectives and performance metrics, then plan and execute your strategy efficiently and effectively so you achieve your objectives....

Charles Darwin Strategic Opportunity Management
8th August 2020Strategy

Strategic Opportunity Management

As we start to recover and survey the impact that lock down has caused, most of us are focused on planning what next. For many industries, this will be a time of great challenge, but with any great challenge, there is opportunity for...

Cost Of Poor Strategy Execution
30th April 2018Downloads

The cost of poor strategy execution

What is the real cost of poor strategy execution to individual leaders and the organisations they works in? We provide insight and analysis on the implications and cost of executing a strategy badly both in impact on top line growth...

BMA case study with Shan Shanthakumar
13th February 2016Case Studies

BMA case study

The BMA recognised the need to transform its digital and IT capability in order to modernise and better engage with its members. Shapecast were engaged to develop an IT strategy and a future roadmap for change. Having accepted this...

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