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Selected Testimonials


"StrategyWorks is the solution for anyone involved in planning or governance of strategy in their organisation"

David Trafford,  Author of Beyond Default


"StrategyWorks has been instrumental in aligning our strategic projects with our overarching corporate goals, streamlining our processes, and enhancing the productivity of our business."

Simon Nestel, Elastic Teams CEO

“Working with StrategyWorks has been a huge help to us. It has allowed us to realise the gaps we had in
our approach to strategic planning and execution."

Iain Heaton, Blue Cross Deputy CEO
"What really made a difference to us is that this isn't just another point tool. There is a whole structure and method which really helped us through the process."

Derek Holder, CEO LBB Global.


“StrategyWorks is absolutely critical for anyone involved in sponsorship or a strategy delivery leadership position”

Tony Clarke - CEO,  NextWave Consulting

"StrategyWorks makes the fiendishly complicated simple to understand”

Lance Mercereau, Board Advisor & CMO Xiatech

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